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Da Chief

At the head of the BFC is Da Chief, Mario Baker. Mario is the one who makes sure things get done, and done right. If you ever have a problem, or need to make something crazy happen, get in touch with Mario.

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Chief's Ass

Second in command of Mario's Bakery, and organizer of BEvERage and Food Committee events throughout the year. This minister is also responsible for cleaning up after an event: touching up the paint job, destroying the evidence, and posting bail.

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The Ministers

These idiots help get stuff done. Sometimes. You never know who they are, since they hide in plain sight, and they could be anybody. Your classmates? Rhonda? The Honourable Minister of Transportation Marc Garneau? You never know....

Brushes with Death
Brushes with Death used to host a spinoff show of Bob Ross' Joys of Painting.
(Com)pounding Acids
A chemistry lab is like a party: some drop acid and others drop the basea;dfjj;aadsv∃ad™f∀
Destructive Construction
♫ This minister get knocked down, but they get up again, you're never gonna keep 'em down. ♫
Drop(ping) Sheets
There's nothing to say. The ladies like what this minister does.
Escapades & Serenades
This minister once climbed a 27 foot pole with nothing but a pair of Converse and a broken ukulele.
(F)risky Floorplay
No amount of contraceptives can protect you against carpet burns.
Filling Rolls
Once head cannoli filler at Carlo’s Bakery, this minister now plies their trade filling other kinds of rolls...
Harmonic Rigidity
Not to be confused with the Minister of Melodic Masturbation.
Heads & (T)ales
The outcome of every coin toss ever is personally chosen by this minister.
Inductive Reasoning
One can prove by induction that this minister does not exist, but this will be left as an exercise to the reader.
Linear Combustion
This minister once got fired from the fire department for being too haaawwwwtt.
Mixed Emotions & Milky Explosions
This minister can’t tell the difference between terror and arousal. This gets awkward during job interviews.
One-Hit Wonders
Click here to find out the identity of this minister!
Open Sorcery
Click here to view this minister's spellbook.
Passing, Pounding & Thrusting
When this minister isn't pounding back beers, they're trying to pass their courses.
Repeat Offences
Also not to be confused with the Minister of Melodic Masturbation.
Stiff Competition
When dealing with this minister, don't expect them to go soft on you.
Sowing Dischord
This minister used to be all about sowing datchord, but they've really turned his life around
Shading & Masquerading
This minister studies theatre and costume design only to be better at bedroom role-play ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Stellar Performances
Pastimes include drinking cosmos and watching Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey.
Scaling & Unveiling
This minister spent nine years incarcerated in Paris after being caught attempting to cover the Eiffel Tower with a cloth.
Traumatic Irony
This minister told us they didn't know the definition of irony, which was ironic because we were at a bus stop.
Wry & Ginger
This minister only ever drinks rum & coke.